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    Material hoist

    • Material hoist
    • 物料提升機
    • 物料提升機
    • 物料提升機
    Material hoist
    Release time:2017-06-07
    Product details Photo Gallery
    Serial number Item Unit Technical parameters
    GJT10A DJT10A
    1 Rated dead weight kg 1000 1000
    2 Rated derrick to install a high degree of m 60 30
    3 Rated speed m/min 25 25
    4 Raise the maximum height m 55 25
    5 Hoisting cable diameter mm φ11 φ11
    6 Electric Model / Y132M-4 Y132M-4
    7 Electrical power kw 7.5 7.5
    8 Anti-dropping device safety Model / QF-10A QA-10A
    Rated speed m/s Moment Moment
    9 Free high-end m 6 6
    10 The quality of hoists kg 350 350
    11 Festival quality standards kg 320 320
    12 On the quality kg / /
    13 Hoists the net size m 1700×1900×1850 1700×1900×1850
    14 Standard-size section mm 1800×2100×3000 1800×2100×3000
    15 Whole weight kg 7500 4500

    Material hoist Material hoist Material hoist Material hoist
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